Dr Patrick Tsoi is an educational researcher specializing in Data Science, ESG and Green Finance; he has 25 years of experience in talent training. His work includes complex projects applying data science and software development to different aspects of value chains and participating with research teams in fields such as Digital Transformation, ESG, Green Finance, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. He has extensive experience in App development, designing, building green, big data solutions and enterprise applications.

His positions include:

• Independent Corporate Trainer for various universities, training institutions and listed companies.
• CEO – ESG and Green Finance Limited
• CEO and Chief Data Scientist – Sunon Technology HK Limited

• Part-time Lecturer in degree, master courses:
– MBA ESG course, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong
– BBA and IT courses, School of Continuing and Professional Education, City University of Hong Kong

You are welcome to reach him at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patricktsoisir